Broke Your Strings?

Uh oh! It happens.

If your racket is worth more than $50, it’s worth restringing your racket. (If not, just buy a new one.)

  1. IMMEDIATELY, cut your strings. The strings pull on the sides of the racket, and if you still have some strings reaching from one side of the racket to the opposite side, they will pull the frame out of shape. (Coach Maren always has scissors.)
  2. Call places to see how quickly they can restring your racket. Bay Badminton, Bintang and Asby Sports are all good options. See addresses and phone numbers on the Resources page.
  3. Choose strings that are durable, so you’re less likely to have to restring again soon. Expensive strings are not necessary, and might sacrifice control for power too much. I like the Yonex BG66 for a thickness that gives you a nice balance of durability and control.
  4. Power and control are also determined by the tension you put on the strings. I recommend around 20 lbs. (You could go as low as 18 if you want more control or are a beginner, or as high as 22 if you want more power or are a more advanced player.