Badminton shoes are the best to give you the lateral support and stickiness you need for badminton. And I would rather not have any sprained ankles this year!

Volleyball or other indoor court shoes will work too.

Vans or Converse are NOT acceptable. You’ll slide around on the court and not be able to rebound as quickly.

Running shoes are also not good, as they are meant to propel you forward, not control your ankles for lateral movement.

Tennis shoes are not ideal, as their soles are made for traction on clay surfaces, not

Bay Badminton will give you 15% off their excellent badminton shoes if you say you’re a WGHS student. (Retail prices run $75 – $130).

There are other local places to find badminton shoes on the resource page.

If you already know your size, I think the best deals around are on Amazon. Just make sure they say “badminton shoe” or “indoor court shoe”. Asics, Hi-Tec, Mizuno, and Yonex are the most reputable brands.

Most importantly, make sure the shoes are comfortable on your feet, since you will be spending lots of time in them!