Coach Chandra Overhead Demonstrations

Coach Chandra Wall
Coach Chandra Throwing Birdie
Coach Chandra Overhead Front View
Coach Chandra Overhead Front View 2
Coach Chandra Birdie on String
Coach Chandra Overhead with Step
Coach Chandra Birdie on String with Step

Step by Step Overhead Against a Wall

Step by Step Overhead Front View

2/26/19 Games Homework

These are CCS games. Note: for Girl Single and Girl Doubles – those games in the video are not the main ones that being recorded but it’s still quite viewable.
Watch closely and take notes following areas:  
For Doubles
1) Receiving Serve Ready position- where to stand & racquet head up
2) Serve return shots, kind of shots – lots of drops, drive, push ***Placement***
3) Quick movements – on toes, constant movement, lots of jumps
4) Changing formation – Offensive (front-back) <-> Defensive mode (side-side)
For Singles
1) Kinds of serve, positioning after serve
2) Serve return shots, winning shots **Placement- could be drops, drive, push- not always smash
3) Quick movements – on toes, constant movement, lots of jumps
4) Others?

Girls Single   NCS Doubles Independence HS Game 3 (May 19, 2018)  (at 6:30)              
NCS Doubles Independence HS Game 1 (May 19, 2018)

Boys Single SCVALS Badminton Boys Singles Finals 2013Adrian gunn vs Ethan

Boys Doubles 
Girls Doubles – NCS Doubles Independence HS Game 2 (May 19, 2018

Mixed Doubles –  CCS Mix Doubles (Gunn) vs (San Mateo) Winner Semi-Final 1/2

2/18/19 Footwork

Badminton Footwork – 6 Corners in singles (Advance)

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